10 Best Workouts to Transform Your Body

10 Best Workouts to Transform Your Body

We've rounded up our best routines, including everything from jump rope to strength training. Get ready for the best workout of your life!

There’s a workout out there for everyone. The best workout for your friend might not be the best workout for you. And that’s okay! Everyone enjoys different kinds of activities. You might find your body is better suited for a particular type of exercise. Just because you enjoy HIIT doesn’t mean you will enjoy cross-country running. Just because you like Zumba doesn’t mean you’ll be into yoga.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our best workouts, including everything from cardio-boosting jump rope to muscle-building strength training. These routines have been consistently preferred by our readers and are some of the most effective at delivering total body transformations. Get ready for the best workout of your life!

1. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

First on our list is this powerful workout reminiscent of your playground days. Jump rope, a favorite childhood game, is a calorie-torching exercise that can help strengthen and tone your lower body. You’ll improve your stamina and build endurance while you work important leg muscles.

2. HIIT Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine balls are some of the most common gym equipments. They’re available in a variety of weights and sizes, and they’re so versatile they can be used with almost any style of training. This HIIT routine uses a medicine ball to give you a full body interval workout.

3. 7 Moves to Get Leaner Legs

For this lower body workout, you’ll need a set of medium dumbbells, somewhere between 10-15 pounds. The seven exercises in the routine will target your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes.

4. Roll with the Punches–Taboxing

Combine the benefits of terabit with the powers of boxing and you get Taboxing! This workout will blast fat and sculpt your arms, shoulders, legs, and core.

5. Runner’s Strength Training Workout

Runners often have tights hamstrings and quads, and the rotator muscles along a runner’s upper thigh can easily become exhausted. If you’re a runner, including strength training and frequent stretching can help you become stronger and avoid common injuries. This workout is specifically designed for runners but can be used by anyone looking to strengthen their lower body.

6. All Butt No Thighs Workout

This workout can be one of the most useful in achieving your dream booty because it targets the glute muscles without growing your thighs.

7. 20 Minute Total Body Tabata Workout

This 20 minute workout consists of only five moves, but it targets all the major muscle groups in your body to give you the ultimate calorie burning effect. You’ll be doing burpees, squats, ab twists, and more!

8. 3 Move Kettlebell Butt Lift

The three moves in this workout are sumo squats, swing throughs, and deadlifts. These exercises are some of the most effective in shaping and toning your glutes, and adding a kettle bell will help you get better, faster results.

9. Inferno 4 Minute Fat Burn

There’s a reason we called this the inferno workout! This routine is for people who really want to kick their workouts up a notch. It’s meant to get you panting and sweating like no other workout. You’ll be jumping, squatting, and feeling the burn.

10. 7 Minute Muffin Top Blaster

The final workout on our list is a waist-targeting workout. Shrink your waist and add definition to your abdominals in just seven minutes. These are fun, effective moves that will provide a real challenge for your core.

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