10 Health Hacks for College Students

10 Health Hacks for College Students

College side effects include stress, sickness, and sleep deprivation. These terrific tips and tricks will have you battling them in no time!

Ah, college. A work hard, play hard environment where pulling all-nighters in the library, ordering pizza at 4 AM, and drinking infinite cups of coffee are all part of the experience. Unfortunately, the temptations of college can easily derail a healthy lifestyle. From projects and partying to deadlines and drinking, you might find yourself shoving health and fitness goals under the rug. Here at SkinnyMs., we understand – and we’re here to help! These 10 Health Hacks for College Students will remind you to take care of your mental and physical self and stay on track while you study.

1. Snack Smart!
Between classes, clubs, meetings, and interviews, college keeps you on your toes. But running around all day makes it hard to squeeze a substantial meal into your schedule. On busy days, it’s tempting to opt for processed vending machine options or the delicious cupcakes your climate club is selling. Keep nutritious snacks in your backpack or car that you can easily grab for some quick fuel. Packable fruits like apples and bananas make great, filling options. Prepare one of these 50 Clean Eating Snacks to keep your taste buds excited.

2. Eat Breakfast
At school, you’re constantly on the go. Keep your engine running by fueling up before you take on the day! Carving out a portion of your morning for breakfast will keep you full, focused, and able to handle anything college throws your way. These 10 Breakfasts in Under 10 Minutes require little time and yield delicious, wholesome nutrition.

3. Stock Up
Late-night study sessions stir up crazy carb cravings. But giving in packs on the pounds! When your desire for something delicious is too intense to ignore, your body needs nutrients. Grab something vitamin-rich and ultra nutritious guaranteed to shush those wild hunger pangs so you can hit the books full and focused. Stock up on these 12 Budget Superfoods to set yourself straight.

4. Exercise in your Dorm Room
Squeezing in time for the gym everyday carves out a heavy chunk of your precious time. But fear not! It’s possible to make time for a crazy-good workout by using the space you already have. All you need is your dorm room for an excellent, heart-healthy workout. Slim down and shape up with this Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge. Short on time? Try this 5 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout.

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