12 Best One-Pot Meals

12 Best One-Pot Meals

Try these 12 best one-pot meals that deliver convenient prep and good-for-you ingredients.

In a perfect world, healthy, ready-to-eat meals would magically appear on the dinner table at the end of super-busy days. Since there are no dinner fairies, it’s up to us to find ways to feed ourselves and our families in a way we can feel great about. Try these 12 best one-pot meals that deliver convenient prep and good-for-you ingredients.

One-pot meals don’t need to come from a boxed or frozen package. On the surface, those off-the-shelf foods seem like a simple solution for dinner—but that convenience often comes with a price measured using numbers such as pounds or blood pressure. For example, one serving of a boxed cheeseburger meal by a popular brand contains an astounding 190% of the recommended daily value for sodium intake–for an adult! It’s also loaded with more than 35% of total recommended fat intake–and offers zero dietary fiber.

You don’t need nutritional stats like that showing up on your waist, and your family doesn’t need them either. Healthy one-pot meals are a convenient option you’ll feel good about serving. In our recipes, we use whole foods and minimally-processed ingredients rich in nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and more. You’ll also find zero added refined sugar and no excess sodium. Start cleaning up your kitchen and pantry this week by shopping with our FREE Clean Eating Menu Planner.

1. Easy One-Pot Chicken & Rice Dinner
With fresh cherry tomatoes, lemon, and lean chicken, healthy one-pot meals like this Asian recipe will please your taste buds–and your hips.

2. Cheesy Skillet Bean & Veggie Taco
This hearty meal is packed with vegetables, plus black beans and low-fat cheese for family-friendly tastiness.  

3. One-Skillet Chicken Afritada
Our version of the Filipino classic offers lean protein, veggies, and spices in an easy, one-pot recipe.

4. One-Pot Balsamic Chicken, Carrots, and Lentils
Mix these nutritious ingredients in a skillet and you’re good to go for a healthy, no-fuss dinner recipe.

5. One-Pot Curried Coconut Chicken
This chicken recipe delivers one-pot convenience in a delish dish that’s perfect any night of the week, no matter how busy!

6. One-Pot Pepper Chicken
Ginger, soy, and other flavors add zing to this Asian-cuisine inspired skillet recipe.

7. Crock Pot Sloppy Joes Made with Lentils
The slow cooker is a fabulous appliance for one-pot meals, like this vegetarian recipe, which is ideal for Meatless Monday or any night.

8. Slow Cooker Savory Superfood Soup
Load the crockpot with superfoods like carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, and more in this simple recipe that’s ready to eat when you get home.

9. Skillet Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Sauce
This no-hassle meal tastes great with green veggies or a side salad.

10. Skillet Chicken & Quinoa Supper
Make clean-up a snap with healthy one-pot recipes, like this chicken entrée. It offers superfoods tomato and quinoa.

11. Slow Cooker Mandarin Beef
Meat, veggies, and tasty mandarin oranges combine in the crockpot for a delicious dinner that’s hearty and healthy.

12. Quinoa with Black Beans
Put that large skillet to work in healthy one-pot meals like this one, which is a yummy alternative to traditional rice-and-bean recipes.


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