13 Ways to Up Your Pancake Game

13 Ways to Up Your Pancake Game

Pack away your pancake mixes; you don't need them anymore.

Pancakes are a fairly simple and yummy breakfast. However, most people use boxed mixes, since they’re more accessible than making them from scratch. This means plenty of pancakes tend to taste the same, which would wear on anyone’s taste buds. Pancakes can be so much more than buttermilk and flours! You can make them with vegetables and seeds, and smother them in creams and fruits instead of syrups. There’s a wide open world of pancake innovations out there, starting from just simple latkes (potato pancakes). Here’s a list of 13 additional ways to up your pancake game and revolutionize your breakfast.

1. Old-Fashioned Pancakes


Before innovation comes mastery of the basics, and it’s best to learn to make pancakes from scratch with a simple recipe first. This traditional pancake recipe uses whole milk instead of almond milk for a healthier take on tradition.

2. Skinny Cottage Cheese Pancakes


Cottage cheese takes the place of milk or butter in this recipe, making for light and tangy pancakes. The fruit and raw sweeteners keep this recipe clean and healthy.

3. Carob Chip Coconut Protein Pancakes


Filled with protein and raw ingredients, these protein pancakes pack a delicious punch. If carob is not available, dark chocolate chips and cinnamon make a delicious substitute.

4. 2-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes


When it comes to recipes, simpler means healthier, which proves true in this recipe for pancakes that uses only sweet potatoes and eggs. They can be spiced to taste, or eaten on their own for a simple and delicious breakfast.

5. Easy Pumpkin Sour Cream Pancakes


A sneaky way to enjoy dessert for breakfast, this seasonal recipe is creamier than standard pancakes thanks to pumpkin puree and sour cream. Make some while the time is right!

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Source: skinnyms.com