14-Day Get Moving Workout Plan

14-Day Get Moving Workout Plan

We've provided workouts, clean eating tips and energetic playlists. By the end of our 14 day workout plan, you'll be out moving as much as possible.

Staying in your comfort zone is relaxing. You know what to expect, there are no surprises, and, most importantly, it’s easy. We’re here to shake up your life a bit.

It’s time to transform your life and get your body moving. The couch will become old news and TV will end up being something you enjoy in smaller doses. By the end of our 14 day workout plan, you’ll want to be up, out, and moving as much as possible.

We’ve provided fun workouts, clean eating tips, and some energetic playlists to get your body up and moving almost every day. As much as you’ll want to move, we were generous and added some rest days to help you cool down. Get up and get ready to move!

Day 1

Tip – If you’re moving more, you’re going to need the right fuel to help your body keep going. Our 7 Day Clean Eating Menu offers meals and snacks each day to help you plan ahead and get the right nutrients into your body.

Workout – The best place to start your workout plan is from your couch. It’s the centerpiece of our comfort zone. In order to rethink how comfy you get on your couch, we’ve created a Couch Workout Challenge to get you on your feet!

Bonus – Mute the TV, connect your phone to the stereo, and get in the zone with our Couch to Gym Workout Playlist. Once the first song starts, all you’ll want to do is move.


Day 2

Tip – Use our 21 Healthy Foods for a Quick Energy Boost guide to give yourself a recharge when needed.

Workout – You’ve worked on stepping out of your comfort zone at home. Now it’s time to make work a place where you get and up and move. Whether at home or in an office space, staying seated all day is bad for your health. Add our Get Up and Move Workout for Home or Office to your workday and keep your body energized during those long work hours.

Day 3

Tip – Even with the meal plan, sometimes we can use a extra boost. If you need more of a pick-me-up in between meals, our 15 Snacks for All-Day Energy will give you more healthy options to keep moving.

Workout – Today’s workout is again focused on getting you off the couch. When you’re home, relaxed on the couch, watching your favorite show, jump up once commercials start and do our Commercial Break WorkoutThe more you condition your mind to move when you normally wouldn’t, the more you’ll want to move in general on an everyday basis


Day 4

Workout – Rethink how you exercise today. Instead of weights, kettlebells, and medicine balls, dance your way to a more fit body. Whether you decide to do it at home or take a class, Ditch the Workout, Let’s Zumba! Zumba is a fun way to dance your body into health. It’s a great cardio workout that keeps your whole body moving non-stop.

Day 5

Tip – Even with this week’s at home fitness workouts, try to incorporate more fitness into your everyday home life with 6 Ways to Effectively Work Out at Home.

Workout – With all the moving you’ll be doing, having a strong midsection is important. Your core helps you with motion and support. Workout to the Core and More and ensure that your midsection is up to the task of your new lifestyle.


Day 6

Tip – Something as simple as cleaning can be an additional way to get your body moving into a light workout. Check out our 10 Ways to Get Fit While Doing Housework guide and see what you can incorporate into your routine.

Workout – Today is your first rest day. Recuperate from all the moving you’ve been doing so that you’re prepared for the next few days of really getting your body moving.

Day 7

Workout – The workouts this week have been focused on getting you up and moving at home and work. At end the week, we want to start transitioning into outside activities. If the weather is just right outdoors, head out for the Outdoor 4 Minute Fat Blaster. Being outside gives you a sense of freedom and an extra boost of energy from the sun. If weather seems a bit off, try to swap this workout for your day 5 rest.


Day 8

Tip – One week left of meal planning. The 7 Day (No Diet) Weight Loss Plan is flexible enough to give you options for each meal and snack.

Workout – The 6-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout You Can Do Anywhere, if possible, should be done outdoors. Soak up the sun and take in the fresh air.

Bonus – After seven days it’s time to switch up your playlist. Our Workout Songs to Get Your Body Moving! playlist continues with music that will make you move.

Day 9

Tip – Walking more should be something we all strive to do. Read our How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day – 5 Can-Do Tips guide and find more opportunities to move and stay fit.

Workout – By now you can’t wait to get up and head outside for your workout. The Do-Anywhere Cardio Workout Challenge is another outdoor workout that will keep your feet moving and let out all that energy your body has been storing.

Day 10

Workout – Have a little fun today and bring a jump rope along. The Jazzed Up Jacks and Jumps Tabata Workout is another total body workout designed to get every muscle involved. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout and is fun once you get into a rhythm.

Day 11

Tip – Everyone needs a quick mental boost from time to time. Our  Top 20 Motivational Quotes will breathe new life into you as you finish off this plan strong!

Workout – Boxing is a fun, full body sport, and you don’t need to land any punches to see benefits. Shadowboxing is a great way to pump up your body, work your core, legs, arms, shoulders, and back with each punch. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee by Boxing Your Way to Sexier Arms & Legs.

Day 12

Workout – Grab your jump rope again and have some fun with out Jump Rope Tabata Challenge. Tabata is a fast paced workout that kicks your metabolism into overdrive. 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest leading up to a 4 minute fat blasting workout.

Day 13

Tip – Movement doesn’t always mean traditional workouts. Have some fun with our Tired of the Treadmill? Here are 6 Alternative Cardio Workouts! guide.

Workout – Take another rest day to cool your body down. We know you’re itching to get up and move, but rest is just as important. You’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Day 14

Tip – As you close out the plan today, think about what success means to you. As you define success, read our 25 Motivational Mantras and work on incorporating positive beliefs into your life everyday.

Workout – By now, your legs are on fire but you have to finish up strong. What gets your body moving? Your legs! Get Lean and Toned Legs with This Workout and finish off this 14 day program targeting the muscles which have supported you through every day. It’s our way of saying thank you to them.

You’re done! Your body is in the groove and you’ll want to be active as often as you can. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, our Beginner’s Running Program will get rid of that itch. Jogging gets your whole body involved in a long and fun journey.

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