15 Fun Cardio Workouts

15 Fun Cardio Workouts

Bored of the same old routine? Check out these 15 fun cardio workouts!

It happens to all of us. Whether we’re at the gym to lose weight, build muscle, or conserve our health, there comes a time in our fitness journey when we hit a rut. We get bored or stop seeing results.

When we perform the same routine over many weeks or months, we can grow bored. Our muscles get accustomed to the exercises and they stop being a challenge. Our results are stilted and it becomes difficult to muster the motivation to workout. If you’re in a fitness rut, we challenge you to try one of these 15 Fun Cardio Workouts. They’ll restore life to your fitness routine and help you learn to enjoy working out again.

1. HIIT Total Body Toning
If you’ve never tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this routine is an amazing way to spruce up your workouts. HIIT involves periods of high-intensity, such as sprinting or performing as many pushups as possible, alternating with short recovery periods. HIIT is incredibly effective at torching fat, meaning that this workout will bring a challenge to your routine and give you great visible results.

2. HIIT The Treadmill
You can perform HIIT sprints on the treadmill. Treadmill workouts are great for runners or anyone looking to get into running. They help you better your speed and endurance.

3. Boxing Your Way to Sexier Arms and Legs
This fun, empowering workout is a great way to improve conditioning. It’ll help you build lean muscle all over your arms and shoulders, while the jump rope and quick feet help you build endurance.

4. Roll with the Punches Taboxing
This boxing-inspired workout combines boxing punches with heart pumping Tabata moves. In less than half an hour, you’ll have a full body workout that leaves you feeling great.

5. Outdoor Biking
Take advantage of sunny days by moving your workout outdoors. Biking is one of the best outdoor activities. It requires little advance planning. Just make sure you have appropriate clothing and plenty of water. If you don’t own a bike, many big cities have bike rental companies. Cruise through the park or on a trail. It’s a fun workout anyone can enjoy.

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Source: skinnyms.com