5 Indoor Workouts for When it’s Too Cold Outside

5 Indoor Workouts for When it’s Too Cold Outside

These five indoor workouts for when it's too cold outside can keep you motivated and in shape while also helping you fight the winter blues.

I love outdoor workouts; the sun shines and gives me extra energy and motivation. But once the temperature drops below 60 degrees, I’m just not interested. The weather is getting colder, and the sun is rising later. It’s natural to want to stay in bed longer in the morning and head straight home after work to enjoy warmth and comfort of your home. Cold weather leads to less motivation to go to the gym. That’s fine, because we’re bringing the gym to you! Home workouts are just as effective as gym workouts if you plan ahead. These five indoor workouts for when it’s too cold outside can keep you motivated and in shape while also helping you fight the winter blues.

5 Indoor Workouts for When it’s Too Cold Outside

Without the proper equipment, home workouts can lose their luster and limit your growth. There’s nothing worse than working hard all spring and summer to build the body of your dreams only to lose it in the fall and winter because you’re not pushing yourself as much. Add some dumbbells and a yoga mat to your home workouts to give you the tools you need to maintain what you’ve worked hard for.

1. Commercial Break Workout


This home workout style is what started my fitness journey. Whether you do two hour-long shows or two half-hour shows, use the commercial breaks as a way to get your heart and body moving. A half-hour slot, on average, has eight minutes of commercials while there are about 14 minutes of commercial breaks for an hour-long slot. That isn’t much time to invest in, so be sure to push yourself as fast and hard as you can with this home workout.

2. Ab & Core Home Workout


Colder weather and the holiday season go hand in hand. Don’t ruin your abs! Food is based in tradition, and you shouldn’t have to avoid eating meals you loved growing up. This home workout blasts your abs from every angle to build muscle and trim the fat away. Even if you don’t get more ripped, work on keeping what you have while enjoying all the delicious holiday foods.

3. Fast & Easy Full Body Dumbbell Workout


Weighted resistance is essential for growth. Whether you get a set of dumbbells or an adjustable dumbbell, adding dumbbells to your home is a great investment and allows you to enjoy gym results at home. This workout targets every muscle group and offers no rest to give an additional cardio boost. Try to complete at least two rounds.

4. 12-Minute Full Body Circuit Workout


If you’re pressed for time, this 12-minute home workout is a fantastic option. With a mix of cardio and weighted resistance, this workout is a great and quick way to start your morning. Add a lightweight dumbbell to the Russian twists to help shred your obliques.

5. Abs, Butt, Legs Home Workout


The perfect trio: sleek abs, a bigger and rounder butt, and toned legs. These things are a hallmark for feeling and looking good. This home workout offers the perfect balance to build, tone, and trim these three essential body parts.

Complement of these indoor workouts with one of out 5 Weight Loss Menus for Cold Weather. Eat smarter to fight back all the excess the holiday season is sure to add on.

Source: skinnyms.com