5 Killer Ways To Use A Stability Ball In Your Workout

5 Killer Ways To Use A Stability Ball In Your Workout

Stability balls are a dynamic and versatile workout necessity. Nearly any workout can be amped up with the use of a stability ball to challenge your body.

It can take just one piece of equipment to change the way you work out. Who would think an inflatable ball could be so beneficial to your daily routine? Stability balls are a dynamic and versatile workout necessity. Nearly any workout can be amped up with the use of a stability ball to challenge your body.

Plus, stability balls are fun! They’re lightweight, easy to maneuver, and great for core, balance, and isolation. Athletes train with them and personal trainers make sure to incorporate them into their routines. We chose 5 ways to incorporate stability balls into your workout. Watch the videos to see them in action!

1. Have a Seat
Swap out the exercise bench you’ve been using and grab a stability ball. Any workout you do on the bench can be performed on a stability ball to make the workout more challenging, which in turn makes it more rewarding. Think dumbbell presses, rows, and bicep curls. While you’re targeting other major muscle groups, you’re also strengthening your core, since you must constantly use those core muscles to maintain stability.

2. Body Weight
If you’re not a fan of dumbbells, body weight exercises can be useful physically and mentally, since you’re working against your own body. From push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, and dips, most body weight exercises can incorporate a stability ball to redefine the workout. Push-ups with a stability ball no longer only focus on your chest and triceps, they engage your core. Mountain climbers with a stability ball relieve tension in your arms and shoulders, which helps you focus more on your core movement. Body weight and stability balls make a perfect combination if you want to keep your body lean and strong.

3. Core
The majority of work being done while utilizing a stability ball is in your core. If a bench press on a stability ball burns out your core, imagine what a full-on core routine will do. Grab a stability ball and focus on working those abdominal and lower back muscles for strength in all other exercises. Crunches, leg lifts, and reverse crunches on a ball engage all levels of muscle. This helps for strength, stretching and endurance.

4. Cardio Burn
Looking for a quick, upbeat workout? Cardio with stability balls is an amazing way to increase your rate rate with a little resistance. The stability balls are lightweight so you can incorporate various fast paced movements to increase your burn. Having both hands grasping to control the ball increases grip strength while also conditioning the arms and shoulders. Woodchops, plank jacks and around the world exercises with stability balls become intense but also create a fun and fast-paced routine to keep you upbeat and energized.

5. Stretch
Stretching is a vital part of every workout. Lengthening and relaxing your muscle fibers helps with recovery and opens up certain parts of your body to allow for a larger range of motion. Increasing your range of motion opens up the opportunity to do new moves, and corrects posture and form in current moves. Your stretches don’t have to be basic everyday moves. Make them dynamic and really push your body to the limit to gain results during your cool down.

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