5 Stay Fit Tips for Super-Busy People

5 Stay Fit Tips for Super-Busy People

Commit to stay fit!

Admit it. You think about doing it. You want to do it. But there are just so many other things that must get done first. Yes, we’re talking about staying fit. The problem is that making time to be fit and fabulous is tricky if you’re taxiing kids to wrestling, whipping up treats for an office birthday, or any of the other million things you do on any given day. So, without further ado, here are tips for staying fit no matter how busy life gets:

  1. Tap the power of intensity. Staying in shape is about quality, not quantity. Be smart about your time-crunch by doing activities that deliver maximum intensity in minimum time. Circuit training is an ideal way to do that because it provides a series of intense exercises with little or no rest in between. Try a program that provides a healthy burst of exercise in a can-do time frame. For example, if you’re a fitness newbie, start with the Before You Shower Mini Workout for Beginners. Looking to maximize your time? Challenge yourself to our famous (some might say, infamous) Inferno 4 Minute Burn.
  2. Commit to a fitness schedule. Flying by the seat of your pants can be a blast when you’re taking a road trip with the girls—but it’s not the best way to reach fitness goals. Look at your schedule, identifying times you can commit to a workout. If the schedule is constantly in flux, set your workout times at the start of each month. This makes it simpler to adjust for seasonal activities or changes in work schedule.
  3. Unleash your inner kid. Workouts don’t need to be formal to be effective. Stay fit within a busy lifestyle by joining the kids as they play tag in the back yard, or taking the dog out for a fierce Frisbee game. Set aside the laundry or stop pinning Grumpy Cat (yeah, we’re guilty of that, too!) and get out there to play! Active play is good for the body—and good for the soul.
  4. Partner up. Sometimes it does take a village to build a healthy body. Make the time you need to stay fit by teaming up with a health-minded pal to trade babysitting services. You can watch her kids while she hits the gym, and she can watch yours so you can take a run. It might even be possible to create a workout babysitting co-op in your neighborhood or mom’s group.
  5. Make meals fool-proof. Nothing sabotages a stay-fit plan faster than the lure of easy processed meals—or worse, take-out—on a busy night. Avoid high-sodium, high-fat food traps by planning meals in advance. Set aside time during the weekend to create a menu and shopping list for the upcoming week. On packed days tap the power of the slow cooker. (Let’s say it together now: The slow cooker is our friend.) Get started with this SkinnyMs. slow cooker recipe for Black Bean & Veggie Soup.

Staying fit with a busy lifestyle is possible, whether you’re the CEO of a multinational company or the CEO of your house. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and plan to build and maintain the healthy body you deserve.

Source: skinnyms.com