6 Week Walk/Run Calendar

6 Week Walk/Run Calendar

This 6 week calendar will have you loving your thighs, flexing your biceps, and hugging your flat belly. Walk and run your body into a new you!

Running an activity that may take some time to fall in love with. Those first few weeks are a bit challenging if you’re heart, lungs, and legs aren’t used to working for an extended period of time. But, once you get in the groove and past that initial hiccup, your options for exercise are endless.

Before you hit the pavement, make sure you have the perfect sneaker that works best for you. Our guide on Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes will help you lace up to avoid injury and get the most from every step you take.

This 6 Week Walk/Run Calendar was created to amp your cardio system, while boosting your metabolism, building strength, and bringing a new challenge to your workout routine. Each week has 4 walk and/or run routines to help you add some miles to those powerhouse legs of yours. Jogging, then giving your body an active recovery, allows you to regain strength, slow down your blood flow, and get you ready to close out strong. Active recoveries allow your body to recover from the work you’ve just exerted, but don’t permit you to rest to the point where your heart rate and muscles cool down too much. This is a pro tip when you’re working on taking your body to the next level, especially in cardio training.

For 2 days of the week, you’ll be cross-training. Cross-training is something that many people leave out of their routine when working on cardio building. For your cross-training days, you’ll target specific muscle groups to give your body an overall lean and toned appearance. We know your legs are a bit burned out from all the running, so we won’t only target them. The key to burning fat is more muscle. The best way to gain more muscle is to work out your entire body from head to toe. Also consider that running is a full body sport. Your legs do 90% of the work, but if you don’t have a strong core, back, chest, and arms, you’re adding strain to your body that has no counter balance.

With dedication and hard work, this 6 week calendar will have you loving your thighs, flexing your biceps, and hugging your flat belly. Walk and run your body into a new you!

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Equipment Needed: yoga mat or soft surface,By%20SkinnyMs. " rel="noopener"> interval timer, leg resistance bands, jump rope, flat bench, set of lightweight dumbbells (3-5 lbs), set of medium weights (8-12 lbs), set of heavy weights (15-20 lbs),water for hydration, towel for sweat, stability ball, treadmill, cycle, leg press machine, leg extension machine, leg curl machine

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