7-Day Squat Challenge

7-Day Squat Challenge

Join us for the 7-Day Squat Workout Challenge and start seeing results.

Get results with this easy to follow workout plan. Squat exercises are great for those with little time, little experience, little space, or all of the above! You can literally stand in one spot and make progress by following this simple squat workout defined below.

We are challenging you to follow the plan for seven days. Come on now, you can do anything for one week! But we have a feeling you might keep going once you begin to see results.

Beginner? That’s fine. Intermediate? We’ve got you covered. Advanced? We’ve got a plan for you too! It’s all detailed below. Start with the beginner plan and work your way to advanced. So are you in? Join us for the 7-Day Squat Workout Challenge and start seeing results. Don’t just stand there, squat to it!

Equipment Needed: set of medium-heavy dumbbells (10-20 lbs)

What to Do: Below are seven squat variations. Four squats are designated as the core workout. The other three are squats used to burn out once your workout is complete.

CHALLENGE: Depending on your fitness level, perform the daily squats as directed. Once you’ve completed your daily squats, rest 1 minute, then perform one of the burn out squats to failure. Failure simply means performing a prescribed exercise until you’re too fatigued to continue without compromising form.
EXTRA-CHALLENGE: After completing your daily squats, perform all three burn out squats to failure with a 1-minute rest after each one.

Beginner Level: Complete 50 squats daily (can be broken into 2 sessions).
Intermediate Level: Complete 100 squats daily.
Advanced Level: Complete 200 squats daily.


Day 1: Dumbell Squat
Day 2: Dumbbell Squat Jump
Day 3: Dumbbell Sumo Squat 
Day 4: Goblet Squat
Day 5: Rest/Recovery
Day 6: Dumbbell Goblet Squat
Day 7: Dumbbell Squat Jump

Burn Out Squats:

Prisoner Squat
Pulse Squat
Squat Jacks

Instructional Videos:

Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell Squat Jumps

Dumbbell Sumo Squat  

Goblet Squat

Burnout Squats:

Prisoner Squat

Pulse Squat

Squat Jacks

In order to keep pushing throughout the week, you’re going to need lasting fuel. Try any of these 7-day meal plans to commit to with this squat challenge:
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