8 Quick Workouts to Create Your Best Summer Body

8 Quick Workouts to Create Your Best Summer Body

These are eight quick workouts that'll help you create the best summer body in under 20 minutes a day. Eight options for unlimited, total body transformation!

Summer is sneaking up on you quicker than you thought. And as the days start to get warmer and longer, there’s no need to worry about creating an amazing summer body. We know life is busy with work, happy hour, family, and friends; that’s why we’re only focused on quick workouts for you. Below are eight quick workouts to create the best summer body in under 20 minutes. Choose the ones that fit with your schedule, and work as often as you need to get quick results.

8 Quick Workouts to Create Your Best Summer Body

1. Beach Season Workout


What better way to create the best summer body than with a beach season workout. This workout is great for all fitness levels and offers six exercises to target every single muscle group in each round. Resistance is one of the best ways to build muscles in order to support better muscle toning, so dumbbells are necessary for this workout.

2. 10-Minute Body Toning Workout


Ten minutes is the equivalent of two of your favorite songs back to back. This 10-minute total body workout offers eight bodyweight exercises you can perform anywhere to create the best summer body, even at the beach. Bodyweight exercise allows you to develop minor muscles in order to build overall strength in a shorter period of time. Get your timer ready and get ready to move!

3. 4 Minute Weightlifting Boot Camp


Feeling like there’s not enough time in the day? We know life is busy but 4-minute workouts have been known for their fat-blasting benefits. More fat burning means a more toned look and feel no matter what you’re wearing. If you really want the benefits of this total body workout, enjoy this boot camp in the morning to start your day. Morning workouts boost your metabolism to burn fat all day.

4. Get Ready for Summer Workout


Another workout dedicated to getting you the best summer body. This summer workout is another total body fat blaster with no rest in between exercises or rounds since you won’t have to work the same muscle group back to back. And since this workout is all bodyweight, you’ll get amazing benefits while you enjoy working out in the sun.

5. HIIT Kettlebell Fat Blaster


Dumbbells aren’t enough anymore if you’re looking to truly sculpt and build the perfect beach body. The design of kettlebells and the various range of motions allow you to work muscles that are usually ignored. Working to lift, swing, pull, and curl a kettlebell while also keeping it stable, targets supporting muscles that will help you become stronger. And the stronger you become, the heavier you can lift. And the heavier you can lift, the more muscle you can grow and the more fat you’ll burn.

6. 20-Minute Total Body Tabata Workout


You gotta tabata! Tabata work sounds simple, but after one round, you’ll see why this workout method has become a craze. Tabata work involves pushing as hard as possible for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. In most tabata workouts you perform this flow with 4 exercises for 2 rounds, totaling 4 minutes of work. We’re challenging you to 20-minutes of tabata work to get amazing results. Embrace those rest periods, inhale deep breaths, and keep pushing to get the best results of this total body workout.

7. 10-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) equals hard work with minimal rest. This 10-minute workout offers five circuits to tone, shape, and build your body in all the right places. Dumbbells are essential for this workout, so be sure to get the right weights ready to work with minimal interruption.

8. 15-Minute Fat Burning Boot Camp


Boot camps are for everyone nowadays, not just out-of-control teens. Even better, there’s no one to yell at you during this total body boot camp workout. This workout is straight-forward: ten exercises, one minute each, and 30 seconds rest in between. That’s it. Master the moves to make sure each push, jump, twist, and step gets the job done. You only get one shot!

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Source: skinnyms.com