Body Weight Blast Workout

Body Weight Blast Workout

The Body Weight Blast Workout is a workout you can do anywhere with just... you guessed it... your own body weight!

Using your own body weight is one of the most effective and cost saving ways to get into amazing shape. The workout below is designed for anyone choosing to tone & define their body.

Body Weight Blast Workout

Equipment Needed: kitchen chair, yoga type mat

What to Do: Complete one exercise after the other without rest. After the entire circuit is completed rest two minutes before moving to the next one. Perform three complete circuits.

Be sure to watch the videos below for correct form.


1. Air Squats – 12 reps
2. Chair Dips –  20 reps
3. Side Plank – 2 reps each side
4. Mason Twist –  20 reps total
5. Mountain Climbers –  20 reps total
6. Push-ups – 20 reps

Air Squats 

Chair Dips 

Side Plank

Mason Twist

Mountain Climbers


This workout was designed by Gale Compton (SkinnyMs. Fitness) a nationally certified fitness instructor.

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