Clean-Eating Caramel Apples

Clean-Eating Caramel Apples

Delicious fruits with caramel include pears and, of course, apples. Caramel sauce can be drizzled over apple wedges or as a coating for the fruit, like these mini caramel apples. We used little Lady apples dipped in this cane sugarfree coconut milk and brown rice syrup for caramel sauce.

This creamy caramel sauce can be drizzled over apple wedges or as a coating, as we did with these mini caramel apples, and it’s perfect for a fall festival or celebration. We used little Lady apples dipped in cane sugar-free coconut milk and brown rice syrup to create the caramel sauce for these small sugar-free versions of the classic Hallows Eve treat. The miniature size makes them great for small bites at a Halloween party.

Simply prepare the sauce, dip skewered apples, place on waxed paper lined or cooking spray coated nonstick baking sheet and allow the coating to harden on the apples in the fridge. Some of the sauce may slide off, but that’s okay.

To give to friends or family for Halloween, simply wrap the caramel apples in wax paper and tie with ribbons. Larger apples such as Granny Smith or McIntosh can, of course, be used as well.

Need other healthful caramel recipe ideas? Fruits with caramel can include pears, oranges, or bananas. Simply skewer the fresh fruit pieces and drizzle over or dip into the caramel sauce. Yum!

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