Commercial Break Workout

Commercial Break Workout

The average commercial break lasts two minutes and that's plenty of time to get a quick full body workout in!

Do you feel like a bit of a couch potato? With so many terrific series on television these days, it feels so good to just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and let the hours pass while you consume massive amounts of televised programming. But the more time you spend watching TV, the more time you have to workout. The average commercial break lasts two minutes and that’s plenty of time to get a quick full body workout in! Our commercial break workout is a quick workout that targets major muscles and burns fat.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat or soft surface, interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download).

What to Do: As soon as commercials start, jump onto your mat and start working. Perform each exercise at a fast nonstop pace for 30 seconds and jump right into the next one. Once all four are done, repeat until the commercial break is over.

You can perform this as often as you want throughout the day for amazing benefits.


1. Knee to Outside Elbow Plank
2. Diamond Push-ups
3. Prisoner Squat
4. Bicycle

Knee to Outside Elbow Plank

Diamond Push-ups

Prisoner Squat


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