Fusion Lunch Burritos | Vegan Recipes

Fusion Lunch Burritos | Vegan Recipes

These fusion lunch burritos will change the way you think about lunch! You'll feel full and satisfied without any of that low-energy dip in the afternoon. This vegan recipe is perfect for Meatless Monday or for those committing to a plant-based diet.

“Can we have burritos for lunch?” he asked. “Yes,” she replied, beaming with confidence and a mischievous smile. “And also, with a salad?” he continued, “So we can at least pretend to be eating healthy?” “Of course,” she answered, setting a tray of colorful tube-shaped rolls on the table. “Wait, what are these?” he questioned. “They’re fusion lunch burritos. Think of really good Asian spring rolls, only made with the salad dressing of your choice.” she said, “Or, even better as a fresh finger food fusion of health and deliciousness!”

We’ve all had Asian spring rolls. Without dipping sauce, restaurant-style spring rolls completely lack flavor. To make them palatable, they are usually served with a peanut or soy sauce. But think about it, aren’t spring rolls basically fusion lunch burritos – a salad rolled up in a rice wrapper? Yes and no. Frozen and restaurant spring rolls are deep fried and greasy, making them a not so healthy lunch.

Fusion Lunch Burritos


So, if spring rolls are basically just salad burritos, why can’t we change up the Asian dipping sauce? That would allow us to create them with entirely new flavors. It also means that we can increase the moisture, coating the fillings with salad dressings of our choice? Yes, we can! (I especially like using one of these 6 plant-based oil-free salad dressings).

The best part about these fusion lunch burritos? They’re healthy, vegan, and lunch-bag-friendly. In addition to that, they travel well so you can make a few of them and take them on-the-go for your busy day.

This fusion lunch burritos recipe will change the way you look at lunch! A serving of three of these will satisfy your stomach and leave you feeling good about having a super deliciously healthy meal. They clock in at less than 200 calories and are filled with energy-promoting ingredients, so you won’t feel the need for that mid-afternoon nap.

We think the filling is perfect as-is, but sometimes you have different ingredients on hand or maybe you’re feeding picky eaters. Feel free to change up the vegetables in the filling, but try to choose a vegetable of every color to increase your nutritional intake. And, as always, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how it went. We would love to hear about your fun, innovative take on these fusion lunch burritos!

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