Killer Circuit Bootcamp

Killer Circuit Bootcamp

As your fitness coach, my killer circuit bootcamp is a high-intensity training session that will keep you burning fat all day long.

My circuit bootcamp will test your limits and push you to the max! Boot camp exercises are meant to burn excess fat, bring out the best in you, and prove that you can do things you never thought possible. This circuit bootcamp is a total body workout that is a high intensity, fast paced training session. As a fitness coach, I don’t mess around when it comes to getting fit. My belief is that all things are possible with the correct mindset. I’m here to encourage you to have the “I can do this” mindset.

Killer Circuit Bootcamp Workout

What you need: yoga mat and interval timer app

What to Do: Perform each move for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds after each move; for intermediate and advanced workouts, rest one minute after each circuit; repeat routine 3 times weekly for best results. See videos below for exercise demonstrations.

Beginner Level: complete 1 circuit
Intermediate Level:  complete 2 circuits
Advanced Level: complete 4 circuits


1. Push-ups
2. Jumps Squats
3. Flutter Kicks
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Heel Touches
6. Plyometric Lunges
7. Burpees
8. Glute Kickbacks
9. V-Ups

Instructional Videos


Jumps Squats

Flutter Kicks

Mountain Climbers

Heel Touches 

Plyometric Lunges


Glute Kickbacks


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