Our 10 Favorite Belly-Fat Burning Routines

Our 10 Favorite Belly-Fat Burning Routines

We want you to be happy and get the body you deserve and any Our 10 Favorite Belly-Fat Burning Routines will give you the options to accomplish just that.

We’ve found that having options is the key to living your best life. The more options you have, the higher the chance that you’ll choose something that makes you happy! When it comes to fitness, we want you to be satisfied and see amazing results to get the body you deserve. Our 10 Favorite Belly-Fat Burning Routines will get you there, giving you options while getting you the flat belly you’ve been looking for.

The belly is one of the hardest areas on the body to burn fat and tone. Having a flat belly means you’re dedicated to putting in the effort and making the best choices daily. These ten belly-fat burning routines offer fast-paced ab work that target your belly from all angles to build muscle and trim the fat away, inch by inch.

Remember that exercising won’t be enough. We’ve conveniently added a few tips, meal plans, and healthy snack choices to complete the flat belly package. Work hard, eat smart, and enjoy the confidence and freedom a flat belly offers!

Round out any of these belly-fat burning routines with these essential tips:

Regardless of which belly-fat burning routine you choose, commit to any of these healthy eating flat belly plans:

Our 10 Favorite Belly-Fat Burning Routines

1. 7-Minute Flat Belly Workout

This 7-minute ab challenge is as simple as it is quick. It features five diverse ab workouts that hit your upper and lower abs—as well as your obliques—for a total ab burnout. Plus, it includes weighted resistance so you’ll build muscle and burn fat quicker!

2. 28-Day Flat Belly Challenge

What’s an ab workout without a little commitment? Although this 28-day challenge focuses on creating a flat belly, you’ll also be working your entire body to boost your metabolism and burn total body fat. More muscle growth means more fat burning, and a flat belly will naturally follow!

3. 7-Day Ab Challenge

This 7-day ab challenge is one of our most popular workouts on the site. It starts with healthy eating tips to you get prepared for the work ahead. You’ll only get one day of rest, so enjoy it while you can. Every other day is focused on hard work.

4. 10-Minute Tabata Workout for Abs

Tabata workouts aren’t something you should take lightly. Most tabata workouts are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. With this 10-minute workout, we want you to push yourself to get faster results! This tabata workout includes 40 seconds of ab work and 20 seconds of rest. More work means more fat burning.

5. 7-Day HIIT Your Belly Challenge

This 7-day challenge offers HIIT, tabata, and circuit training exercises to give you a mix of fat-burning workouts. Fast-paced work, minimal rest, and muscle targeting help build strong and lean muscle that will leave you feeling lighter and free around your waist.

Unhealthy snacking can be the downfall of any fitness plan. Enjoy a variety of smart snacks to help support these belly-fat burning routines:

6. 10-Minute Flat Abs Challenge

Let’s emphasize “challenge” for this workout. Ten ab workouts, one minute each, and no rest. That’s truly an ab challenge!

7. 7-Day Whittle-My-Waist Challenge

This 7-day challenge requires double the work. Each day has two workouts to give you waist-slimming results twice as fast. When you workout is up to you, just be sure to give both workouts the same intensity.

8. 30 Day Pilates Plank Challenge

Planks have amazing fat-burning benefits. Where most ab works helps build the surface of muscles, planks build the hard-to-reach spots. This plank challenge will tone your abs, develop your core, and bring your endurance and strength to a higher level.

9. 7-Minute Waist Trimming Workout Challenge

This 7-minute flat belly challenge is perfect whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level. These seven exercises are fast-paced and consistently hit your midsection to shred and tone. Better yet, you get to use a kettlebells to help stabilize and build your core.

10. 7-Minute Belly Sculpting Challenge

This belly challenge features three circuit workouts. Each circuit hits multiple parts of your abs to keep them engaged and active to boost fat burning.

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