Stay Motivated: Tips from the Pro’s to Keep you Going!

Stay Motivated: Tips from the Pro’s to Keep you Going!

Tips to keep you motivated and on track with tips from fitness pro Jamie Eason

Keeping your personal fitness goals in focus can be challenging, especially when life throws curve-balls and there are obstacles in your way. Kids, appointments, and other commitments can leave you feeling drained and discouraged but you have to power through, that’s what makes the difference between a short-term dieter/fitness enthusiast and someone who has made health, wellness and fitness a lifestyle. Developing strategies for success is important to help you achieve your personal goals for self-improvement.

Mental Strategies for Success
Your mind is complex, and all the feelings, thoughts, and reasons your brain can come up with to skip a workout or to cheat on meals is something you’ll have to take on in order to get where you want to be, and stay there. Losing weight isn’t easy, but making a permanent lifestyle change for a lifetime of better health and happiness does not happen for short-term dieters and those who are just trying to lose a few pounds. Creating good habits takes time, energy and support. For a good reminder as to why you are up at 5:30 in running shoes instead of under the covers with your cuddly pooch, try finding some motivational quotes and use a post-it to put these in pain view. Never underestimate the world’s ability to subconsciously convince you to abandon yourself, and your goals. Combat that with these starter quotes, until you find some that are especially useful to you.

Transform Your Mind With These 4 Motivational Quotes:
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~Jim Ryan
The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain
Clear your mind of can’t. ~ Samuel Johnson
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~ Jim Rohn

Staying Focused
A great way to stay on track is to use mother nature as your gym. Stress and monetary issues can get in the way of your goals. But there are great trails no matter where you are that you can use to walk, run, do lunges, or skip if you want to. There’s no excuse. Take the kids for a hike near you or even for a 15 minute walk to the nearest market so you can burn calories, stay focused and get the kids ready for an afternoon nap.

Find a Mentor
Fitness professionals and experts are an important part of your support community and journey towards a better body and a healthier lifestyle. Being yourself and accepting where you are in relation to your our goals can help you achieve them. Just like having someone to look up to as a child helps you grow as a person, having a fitness mentor can help you keep on track for your health and fitness. Finding ways to stick to your workout can be easier when you are able to ask questions of other fitness-minded folks, and you have a leader. Fitness experts, group fitness instructors, fitness class participants, professional bodybuilders, weight loss gurus, and success stories can all serve as invaluable motivational support and help you become the person you want to be. Finding someone who speaks to you is more important than anything.

Here is a clip from Jamie Eason a top fitness model and female bodybuilder professional.Every woman is different and we can learn from others who share the same passion for fitness and health. Watch this short video to learn about her challenges, commitment and training tips:

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