Summer Legs Workout

Summer Legs Workout

Grab a pair of dumbbells and get lean, toned legs in time for summer!

Going to the beach or pool this summer? Or maybe you just want to have lean and toned legs all year long. First grab your dumbbells and get lean, toned, and sexy legs with our Summer Legs Workout! This workout is designed for toning and fat burning.

Equipment Needed: One set of medium weights(12-15 lbs), exercise ball, flat bench or kitchen chair.

What To Do: Perform 12 repetitions of each exercise. Complete the specified number of circuits recommended for your fitness level, resting 45 seconds after each circuit. For optimal results, complete this routine three time times weekly for the next 30 days. Be sure to eat a clean diet and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially when the weather starts warming up.

Watch the video demonstrations before beginning.

Beginner’s Level: Complete 1 circuit.
Intermediate Level: Complete 3 circuits.
Advanced Level: Complete 4 circuits.


1. Jump Squats
2. Seated Calve Raise
3. Straight-Legged Deadlifts
4. Plyometric Lunges
5. Dumbbell Squats

Jump Squats

Seated Calve Raise

Straight-Legged Deadlifts

Plyometric Lunge

Dumbbell Squats

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