This 4-Week Meal Plan is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

This 4-Week Meal Plan is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Reach your weight-loss goals with this 4-week meal plan designed to fill you up low-calorie, high-protein breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Looking to lose weight fast? This 4-week meal plan is filled with low-calorie, high-protein options to help you reach your goals in as little as 28 days. Before you get started, check out our article on how to find out how many calories you need to eat daily to lose weight. We have designed this 4-week meal plan around a maximum intake of 1400 daily calories. For most people, this maximizes weight loss during the month.

You can customize your 4-week meal plan by selecting the correct number of calories for each day. If you need additional calories, we suggest adding in one of our healthy snack recipes into your daily plan. To reduce your daily calorie intake, get started on a fitness plan!

4-Week Meal Plan to Lose Weight


We definitely recommend utilizing leftovers during this 4-week meal plan. It’s great to cook your meals from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours prepping in the kitchen every day! Choose a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner options each week and get your shopping out of the way on Saturday or Sunday. Then, prep what you can and reheat the leftovers as the week goes on.

There are enough recipes on this list that you won’t repeat any meal more than twice during the 4-week period, but feel free to make your favorites every week! Let us know in the comments which recipes you can’t live without.

Breakfast Options (Under 400 Calories)

Lunch Options (Under 400 Calories)

Dinner Options (Under 600 Calories)