THIS is The Best Workout for Fat Loss

THIS is The Best Workout for Fat Loss

Look no further...THIS is the best workout for fat loss. It will get your heart rate pumping and your muscles burning, allowing you to shed pounds and inches!

With so many different diet and exercise options available to us these days, how are we supposed to know which actually work? You can stop searching, because THIS is the best workout for fat loss.

It’s actually no secret, aside from a healthy diet, that thee most efficient way to shed excess pounds and inches is through hard work and consistent effort. You have got to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning in order to burn fat. It’s that simple.

Before we get to the workout, check out some of these clean-eating tips that will help you along in your fat loss journey:

The exercises included in this routine are the best high-intensity, fat-burning moves out there. They are utilized by the country’s top trainers in order to help their clients reach their fitness goals. You can reach your goals too, by performing this routine consistently!

The Best Workout for Fat Loss

What you need: an Interval Timer / a Dumbbell or Kettlebell / a Jump Rope

What to do: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, giving yourself 15 seconds of rest in-between. Complete the amount of rounds designated for your fitness level.

Beginner: Complete 1 round.

Intermediate: Complete 2 rounds.

Advanced: Complete 3 rounds.

We’ve included instructional videos below to ensure that you use proper form.

1. Run in Place

2. Goblet Squat

3. Single Unders

4. Burpee

5. Mountain Climber

6. Jump Squat

7. Skater Jump

8. Kettlebell Swing

9. Jumping Jack

10. Split Squat Jump

Instructional Videos

Run in Place

Goblet Squat

Single Unders


Mountain Climber

Jump Squat

Skater Jump

Kettlebell Swing

Jumping Jack

Split Squat Jump

This routine uses a wide variety of exercises which is what makes it so effective. It can be performed up to 6 days per week and as your fitness level improves, you can add in another round. This is truly the best workout for fat loss, and we highly recommend that you give it a try! When fitness is fun, it’s much more sustainable.

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