Top 5 30-Day Challenges

Top 5 30-Day Challenges

Following a 30-day plan comprised of healthy habits can do wonders to your lifestyle!

A lot can happen in a month, and following a 30-day plan comprised of healthy habits can do wonders to your lifestyle! It’s not unusual to feel sluggish, puffed up, and fatigued by the end of the month, but it might mean you should clean up your diet and exercise patterns. These top 5 30-day challenges will make you look and feel amazing, while helping you showcase the healthiest, liveliest version of yourself. From giving your menu a clean-eating makeover to achieving fabulous abs, these challenges have something for everyone.

Whether it’s strengthening your muscles, shedding pounds, or fending off sugar cravings, one thing’s for sure-healthy changes can’t produce visible results overnight, but 30 days of persistence and commitment can produce a whole new you!

1. 30 Day Beginner’s Running Challenge
Everyone has to start somewhere. This beginner’s running challenge is designed to make any novice a half marathon runner.

2. 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge
Clean eating is a lifestyle change that takes time. Use this challenge to get your eating habits in the right place.

3. Fabulous Abs in 30 Days Challenge
In 30 days this challenge will burn fat and reveal sleeker and sexier abs.

4. 30-Day No Sugar Challenge
Quitting anything is more difficult than starting something new. Sugar is everywhere and using this challenge will test your willpower to be a stronger version of yourself.

5. Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 30 Days with the 4 Step Weight Loss Challenge
Treat your body to a fun weight loss program with this 30 day challenge.

Use these meal plans to compliment any 30 day challenge:
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21 Day (No-Diet) Weight Loss Menu
7-Day 1500-Calorie Meal Plan

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