Upper Body Toning Workout

Upper Body Toning Workout

Create a strong, sexy upper body with this workout routine.

Create a strong, sexy upper body with this workout routine. By working the larger muscle groups in your upper body, you’ll be showing off toned arms in no time!

Equipment Needed: 2-4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights; yoga type mat; water

What To Do For This Workout: Watch all video demonstrations before beginning your upper body workout. Perform 15 reps of each exercise and jump into the next exercise immediately. Rest 30 seconds between sets. Increase the amount of weight you use with each circuit. For advanced exercisers, return to the lighter dumbbells for the 4th circuit.

Beginner’s Level: Perform 2 sets of each exercise.
Intermediate Level: Perform 3 sets of each exercise.
Advanced Level: Perform 4 sets of each exercise.


1. Overhead Dumbbell Press – 15 repetitions
2. Reverse Dumbbell Fly – 15 repetitions
3. Upright Dumbbell Row – 15 repetitions

Overhead Dumbbell Press

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Upright Dumbbell Row

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Source: skinnyms.com