Not only is our 7-Minute Flat Belly Workout super effective, it's super simple too. It's a flat belly workout and an anti-workout excuse-buster all rolled into one!
Your cushy little muffin top, whether it's banana walnut or chocolate chip, won't have anywhere to hide from these kick-ass Skinny Ms. muffin top exercises.
Skinny Ms. has got seven ab workouts to add some firm to your flab and some minimizing to your muffin top.
The combination of all three allow this 7 day belly workout challenge to show you real results.
These moves to get a flat belly range from burpees to bicycles to X jumps. You'll strengthen key muscles, burn calories, and sweat your way to a trim belly and a healthier body in no time.
Our 5-Minute Amazing Abs Workout truly optimizes that five minutes, turning a quick shortcut of a workout into a fat burning, muscle building power session.
Our six pack workout will carve out a set of washboard abs in just six efficient moves.
We've created a quick ab workout to hit all of the major areas in your core, but also deliver a burn in a short amount of time.
This love handle workout will help slim your back straight into your waist and butt, no extra fat allowed.
We've created this 10 minute back-to-back workout, to challenge your abs to perfection.
This short workout routine will tighten your core to its fullest potential.
Crunches may be a sure way to get your abs burning, but we all get burnt out after doing a dozens of them at a time. So why not try exercises that are more fun in order to get your abs ripped?
Check out our step-by-step video that will have you doing perfect sit-ups today!