Cooler weather is usually synonymous with the holiday season. Although you'll be bundled up from head to toe, some parts of your body are still forced to take on the weather. This lip balm will keep your lips protected from the elements but also give you a nice light smell to enjoy during the day.
This peppermint sugar foot scrub will rejuvenate, exfoliate and relax your feet and the muscles you spend so much time using.
Our ginger detox bath will help you take the stress of the world off your shoulders. Pamper yourself with just hot water, ginger and Epsom salt.
With lemons, brown sugar and olive oil, this hand scrub is meant to soften and exfoliate your skin, treat your cuticles and nail beds, while leaving your hands with an amazing natural glow and light aroma.
Go more natural with our DIY deodorant. 4 ingredients all to help you feel fresh, smell wonderful while still allowing your body to work naturally.
Combining two simple ingredients -- avocado and olive oil -- will give your hair all the benefits it needs to stand out anywhere you go.
As much as we love to shop, many of us aren’t aware of how to shop for figure flattering clothes that match our body type. To help you enjoy shopping from start to finish, including the dreaded fitting room, here’s a list of tips for body type clothes.
The key to great skin, bright eyes, and soft lips is to pamper your body with healthy habits! Read on for our Skinny Ms. tips for a gorgeous makeup-free face!
New FDA regulations for sunscreen products and natural sunblock suggestions
Don't risk skin cancer for the glow.
Shhh...Juicing is the secret!