You have to admit that sitting at home or at a desk all day can be an extreme pain. Literally. But why not have a workout that's easy for you to do no matter where you are?
From Tabata, H.I.I.T, Yoga and Boot Camps, this calendar has enough variety to make everyday feel empowering and new.
No matter what type of schedule you may have, anyone can get in shape with these 11 no excuse workouts.
Who needs coffee for a wake up call when you have burpees to do? This morning boot camp workout is the only wake up call you'll ever need.
We've provided you with ten activities that utilize your body weight and yield amazing results. Learn what your body can do, and take it to the next level!
These body blasting exercises will challenge your entire body, providing you with a full range of moves that target different areas.
Bodyweight workouts are often high intensity with fat burning and muscle toning results. No dumbbells or barbells required...just you and an interval timer. Inferno - 4 Minute Fat Burn targets the lower body and is exactly as it sounds, it BURNS!
Back to Basics Workout! This workout uses one of the hot fitness trends ~ body weight only!
Is the hustle of a busy life leaving you no time to get your bustle on at the gym? No worries! Skinny Ms. to the rescue with a workout you can do at home with only your body weight needed. What are you waiting for? Work that body of yours, no excuses!
Summer is just around the corner and we've got a workout that's going to challenge your body like never before! Perform this workout 3 times per week and you'll have a Beach Body before summer.
This equipment free fat burning workout will test your coordination, balance, endurance and agility to help you shed pounds fast – in the comfort of your own home!
From Beginners to Advanced fitness enthusiasts, bodyweight exercises help you maintain your muscle and achieve your fitness goals.
This workout challenge is designed to burn fat, tone & define, and increase endurance, so that you can conquer any fitness routine. This workout challenge is modified to work with all fitness levels.