Who doesn't secretly miss the eccentric clothes and exercise videos from the 80's? People like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons are still remembered for their contributions of fun videos and peppy workouts to the fitness industry. Floor exercises are often overlooked because they are simply body weight exercises. However floor exercises can be great tools to do by themselves or to add to a leg workout for an extra burn! The Floor Work Flashback workout is bringing back the good old exercises that do not require a gym or squat rack to tone your body!
Calf muscle workouts and jump roping can target that and the ankle area and help you tone and trim. So get ready to lose your cankles for good with these calf exercises to turn flab into fab!
This butt workout routine with exercises for butts only, will show you 5 fool proof moves to shape your butt that will have your behind back to its best in no time!
To lift and shape your booty, there are certain bodyweight exercises you can’t miss out on doing! These 5 moves to slim & trim your backside are essential!
The best workout routines and exercises target multiple areas at once. Targeting both the glutes and abs in one fell swoop will challenge your stabilizer muscles as well, making this a great total body workout burn!
Want shapely legs for summer to boast on the beach? Then here is the best lunge challenge for you! The best lunge workouts challenge your lower body from different angles, which is exactly what this routine accomplishes. So legs get lunging!
If you are looking to tone your glutes and get a great derriere, these six workouts provide tips and challenges to help.
Hamstrings are an area that can be hard to target with no equipment; but have no fear; we’ve got your home fitness routine right here! We’ve got the solution for you to hit this area hard and get those shapely summer legs you’ve always wanted with the best hamstring workout at home.
Getting a shapely butt doesn't have to be complicated - with this simple and effective workout, you will be well on your way to glorious glutes in no time!
The best iso-hot workouts are slightly advanced workouts that incorporate both isometric and plyometric exercises. Isometric exercises are those that require you to hold the hardest part of an exercise for a longer period of time, while plyometric exercises are going to be a dynamic and/or an aerobic version of the exercise. Alternating exercise types is going to give you a great burn while keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the workout!
If you need the moves to make your legs summer marvelous, then stop right here. Here are 5 moves to get sexy summer legs fast--you'll lose weight & feel great!
These 5 Thigh Slimming Exercises will help you get the gams you've always wanted!
Our Shape Up Size Down-Shape Those Legs Workout for Absolute Beginners has everything you need to get a pair of gams that will just beg to be shown off this summer.