The thought of running a few blocks may strike fear in your heart today, but give our run challenge two weeks of your life, and you'll find yourself striding alongside the fittest joggers in your neighborhood.
Adding walking to your running program can make a huge difference in your results. Our 10-day run/walk program is a fun challenge for intermediate runners.
Without proper training, our bodies tend to hit a plateau. We've created this guide to how to run faster to help you take minutes away from your run time.
This runner's workout will help strengthen your legs, abs, lower hip and major joints that you use while working out.
This 6 week calendar will have you loving your thighs, flexing your biceps, and hugging your flat belly. Walk and run your body into a new you!
This runner's workout will have you moving and hitting muscles that will set you up for all the support you need while striding along.
Running is a beautiful experience. But very few people actually see it that way. The majority of men and women dread running in general. Running actually has many benefits, both physically and physiologically.
Filled with fun, obstacles, mud and friends, these insane races will put all your hard work to to the forefront.
The treadmill is the queen of fat burning machines. It can help you burn off the layers covering up your toned muscles, if used correctly! This H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) treadmill workout is going to push you to the max when it comes to your cardiovascular health.
Learn the right strengthening and flexibility exercises to help you avoid injuries and get the most from your running.
Learn how to run comfortably and reduce your chance for injury with these simple tips.
Whether it's the very first time, or the first time in a while, our 30-day Beginner's Running Challenge will make a you fall in love with running again!
You can still keep running throughout your pregnancy and these tips will help keep you safe while you're at it!