These crispy pan-roasted French fries are not only healthier than the traditional deep-fried option, but they also taste just as incredible!
Combine 6 simple ingredients, and in less than 15 minutes you'll be able to indulge in these easy peanut butter banana cookies!
This Chickpea Avocado Toast uses the canned pantry essential to boost not only the protein and fiber, but also the creaminess of your favorite snack.
Our Southwest sweet potato hash combines sweet and spicy flavors with some of our favorite superfoods to make one incredibly tasty, nutritious recipe!
We are here to deliver the goods. The goods, are in this case, our low-carb version of jalapeño poppers zucchini boats are baked and so much healthier!
I warn you, you may find yourself bored of the classic stand-by taco recipes once you've tried these Spicy Korean-inspired tacos. 
Our turkey basil ragu will satisfy your cravings for warm, tasty comfort food, without wrecking your diet! It's loaded with protein, fiber, and flavor!
This may be the simplest salmon recipe known to man! I’m not even being dramatic: All you need for this easy pesto salmon is two simple ingredients and 20 minutes. That’s it!
Greek food is so delicious, I could eat it all day, every day — no problem. Try these lemon, garlic, and oregano-marinated Greek Chicken Kebabs at home for your next street party or barbecue.
This Spinach, Lentil, and Beet Salad with an Orange Vinaigrette is earthy and nutty all whilst being sweet and fragrant too.
Our Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap not only tastes amazing, but is also full of nutrients, offering 13 grams of protein per serving!
Refreshing apple, sweet grape, and savory chicken – all at the same time! This Skinny Mustard Chicken Salad is full of color, flavor, and is a delicious powerhouse of a lunch or dinner.
With dynamic flavors and a lovely mild heat, make a big pot of this Turkish kitchen staple, our Slow Cooker Turkish Red Lentil Soup.