According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a healthy exercise prescription should consist of three things: cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training. While the first two elements are usually the stars on the workout stage, it is equally important to incorporate stretching into your regular fitness routine.
Below you will find two yoga videos for fat loss. The first is a video which should be performed first thing in the morning and the second is a full-length yoga, fat burning class. NAMASTE!
Does your mind race as you try to fall asleep? Do you find it difficult to relax and de-stress due to a hectic and busy life? We've added three yoga classes, of varying lengths, for a better nights sleep. Namaste!
5 health benefits of a flexibility routine.
Yoga Time! Below is a full length yoga class for relaxation and de-stressing. We all need a day to relax our bodies and minds, let go of all worries...this is your time to just be! Namaste!
Yoga gives benefits that no type of drug can ever offer you. Luckily, there are many types of yoga, and each of them offer a variety of benefits.
Do these stretches and become flexible!
Want to get into shape, but have limited self-discipline to do so? Try Power Yoga. It is a form of yoga that essentially combines both aerobic and strength training exercises. Best of all, it improves mental stability and concentration.
Yoga Class is in Session. You will need water and a yoga mat. Today we’ll be doing Hatha Yoga Flow. This is a day to relax your mind & body, work on flexibility, balance and breathing.
It's time to get flexible!
Hot Yoga is a form of yoga practiced in temperatures well above room temperature. While you use the heat to sweat and detoxify impurities, you can focus closer on your deep breathing.
Yoga Class is now in session. Grab your water bottle and yoga mat. This class is all about flexibility and relaxing your mind and body. Rest and relaxation is just as important as is cardio and weight training. Namaste!